7 Amazing Prayers For Car Protection




Prayers For Car Protection

Are you looking for prayers for car protection? Then you are in the right place. Cars have become part of our daily lives. If you go to work, shopping, or vacation, we all make use of our cars for those purposes.

It is necessary to make sure your car is protected against accidents, vandalism, and theft.

This article looks at 7 prayers for car protection. This has been prayerfully written to help you deal with the everyday challenges of owning a car.

Short prayer For Car Protection

Heavenly Father, I thank you for blessing me with a car to help me to run my errands. I don’t take it for granted. 

Lord, I commit my car into your hands. I ask your blessing on it. Let my car be a blessing to me and my family. May it never be a curse to me.

Lord, I ask for your protection over anyone who rides in the car with me.

Thank you, Lord. In Jesus’ name. Amen 

Prayer For Protection Against Car Accidents

Abba Father, your name alone is to be praised. Lord, I often hear and see cars involved in accidents. It is a difficult time for car owners and persons involved in the accident.

Lord, there are so many factors that contribute to accidents on the road. But help me to be alert to the ones under my control. One such is the use of mobile phones. 

Help me not to use my phone while driving my car. Lord, I pray that You protect us from careless drivers on the road.  Help me to avoid overtaking on the road.

Help me to be attentive to the road signs on the road. Your word tells me obedience is better than sacrifice.

Lord, I pray against any unforeseeable accident that is due to the other drivers on the road.

In Jesus Name, I pray. Amen

Prayer For Car Protection while A Family Member Drives My Car

Hello God, I sometimes share my car with family members. And am always concerned about their safety and well-being when they use my car.

So Lord I pray your hand of protection over my car as my family members use it. Give them courage and a sense of direction as they use my car.

Help them to take personal responsibility while driving my car. I pray Lord, you give them wisdom and knowledge to handle my car.

Lord as they ride in my car, dispatch your angels to go before them.  I cancel any weapon formed against them. In Jesus’ Name, I pray. Amen

Prayer For Car Protection Against Vandalism

Lord God, I sometimes see cars being vandalized for no apparent reason. So I’m a bit concerned about it. 

Lord, I pray my car does not suffer any vandalism in my area or anywhere I park. I pray for those who take pleasure in vandalising people’s cars.

I pray that you help them have a change of heart. Help them to know the emotional trauma they put people through when they do that.

I cover my car with the blood of Jesus. I declare that my car will not be vandalized.

In Jesus’ Name, I pray. Amen

Prayer For Car Protection Against Theft

Lord, when I hear of cars are being stolen, it makes me sad. So I want to prevent avoid this from happening at all costs. 

So give me ideas to help me put in place the necessary precautions against car theft.

Lord, I pray for those who go about stealing cars. Have mercy on them and give them a change of heart.

I pray that my car will not be a target for thieves. I declare your hand of protection over my car.

To you Lord I give praise and thanksgiving. I pray for others parked close to my car will not be targeted by thieves.

I pray this In Jesus’ Name. Amen

Prayer For Car Protection When Traveling

God, sometimes I use my car when going on vacation. During this period I use the highway. Driving on the highways can be a bit tricky.

As I drive give me the grace to obey the highway codes.  I pray for the other road users that they will be patient on the road.

I pray for those working on the highways. Help them to carry out the necessary road maintenance on the road.

Father, thank you once again for helping us reach our holiday destination without any issues.

To you Lord be glory and honor. In Jesus’ Name, I pray. Amen 

Thanksgiving For Car Protection

Father in heaven, great is your faithfulness toward me. I appreciate your love and mercy toward me. Thank you for your protection over my car.

It is a privilege to be a car owner. You are the one who provided, so I return all thanks to you.

You have protected my car from all forms of danger, accidents, and other problems cars face.

For protecting my car from my home to work every day, I say thank you.

Lord for protecting my car all these years, I say thank you. You have protected my car on all the long journeys I have embarked upon.

To you alone belong thanksgiving. In Jesus’ Name, I pray. Amen

Final Thoughts

Owning a car can be of great benefit in many ways. However, there is no doubt owning a car comes with its problems.

Accidents, vandalism, and theft are some issues that face a lot of car owners. So you need to do what it takes in your power to protect your car.

In addition to the physical measures you take to protect your car, praying over your car is essential.

After all, God cares for the small things in your life. So never underrate the power of prayer over a simple thing like a car. So start praying for God’s protection over your car.

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