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Prayers For Grandma

If you are looking for prayers for your grandmother, you have come to the right place. A grandmother’s love is so special.

It is also a great blessing to have your grandmother alive. So I do take this for granted at all. You must give your grandmother all the care and love she deserves.

One way you can show you care for your grandmother is to spend time praying for her. If you’re looking for prayers for a grandmother you have come to the right place.

This article has 6 prayers for a grandmother you can pray. Don’t rush through these prayers. Take your time and pray with compassion for your grandmother.

Short Prayer For Grandmother

Father God, I am blessed to have a wonderful grandmother. Some people’s grandmothers are no longer here with them. 

So I want to appreciate you for the fact that you have given my grandmother long life.

Your word tells us in Psalms 91:16  that you will give us long life. Thank you for fulfilling this promise in the life of my grandmother.

I bring my grandmother before your throne of grace. I ask your presence to be with her right now. I pray she will have an amazing day today.  I bless her with your peace, Shalom.

InJesus Name. amen.

Prayer For Sick Grandmother

God, it is difficult for me when my grandmother is sick. But I know you are a great physician. So am hopeful you will heal her of this sickness.

God, I pray for her that you bring healing to her body right now. Any form of sickness trying to attack her body, in the name of Jesus I command it to leave her right now.

I pray for the full functioning of every organ in her body. Every joint in her body that is weak receives strength.

Lord God, I rejoice over my grandmother because I know you are restoring her health back.

For with you, nothing shall be impossible. (Luke 1:37 KJV)

Miracle worker, I praise you. In Jesus’s Name Amen.

Prayer For Grandmother’s Protection and Safety

Mighty God, how great are you are. My grandmother’s protection and safety are always on my mind. 

But I know you are our protector. So my mind is at peace. For I know your hand of protection is over her life.

I  pray God you will protect and save my grandma from any imminent danger. I cover her with the blood of Jesus. 

Lord, I ask that you send your angels to build a wall of protection over her.

Anything that seeks to destroy my grandmother I avert. 

I pray that you protect her from any falls. Thank you, Lord. In Jesus’ Name, I pray. Amen

Prayer For Grandmother’s Marriage Anniversary

Hello God, it is my grandma’s marriage anniversary today. What an example to us the younger generation?

Lord not many marriages stay together long in this day and age.  Great respect for my grandmother.

I pray for my grandmother to renew her love for my grandfather on this day. I pray for unity and love to be the hallmarks of their marriage.

Lord may my grandma’s experience and knowledge be passed on to us the younger generation.

Thank you for your faithfulness towards my grandma all these years in marriage. I pray you filled her day with love and joy.

I declare her blessed and favored. In Jesus’ Name, I pray. Amen.

Prayer For Grandmother On Her Birthday

Hello God, is my grandma’s birthday today. What a joy to see my grandmother celebrate another milestone in her life. 

Thank you for adding a year to his life. Yes, you have been faithful to my grandma.

I pray on this day my grandmother will remember your goodness and mercies toward her.

I pray for renewed strength for her. I pray as she advanced in years so shall be her health. Old age sickness and diseases shall not be her portion.

As we celebrate her birthday today, may she experience your love and the care of the entire family.

Lord, I declare your blessing upon her today. I can’t wait to see her and celebrate her.

In Jesus’ Name, I pray. Amen

Prayer For Strength For Your Grandmother

Father in Heaven, just want to take this opportunity to thank you for my grandmother. Lord when people reached old age, their strength tends to fail.

So I want to pray for your strength for my grandmother. Lord give her the strength to go about her daily chores.

Strengthen the bones in her body. Take away any tiredness in her body.

Lord your word says,  you are our strength. So l believe my grandmothers’ strength is increasing day by day. (Exodus 15:2)

In Jesus’ Name, I pray. Amen

Final Thoughts

Grandmothers play a vital role in the life of their grandchildren. A grandmother’s love can’t be underestimated. 

So if your grandma is still alive, count yourself blessed. There are a lot of physical gifts you can give your grandmother. But one thing, I recommend you give to your grandma is the gift of prayer.

Praying for your grandmother is a way of showing her how much you care. So if you looking for a prayer for your grandmother, the above prayers should be a good starting point.

You shouldn’t also forget to pray for your elderly parents.

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