8 Gracious Prayers For My Cousin




Prayers For My Cousin

Cousins are wonderful family members you should never take for granted. Your friends come into your life and leave anytime.

But your cousins will always be there for your no matter the circumstances. So praying for your cousins is something I will encourage you to do.

If you are looking for prayers to pray for your cousins, you have come to the right place.

Below are the prayers for your cousin, I have written to help you pray for your cousin who needs your prayer.

Short Prayer For My Cousin

Father God, thank you for my cousin. What a wonderful gift he or she is!

I pray you bless my cousins on this day. I ask your favor and protection over my cousin.

Lord guide and direct my cousin in all he or she does. Give my cousin strength and courage to face any challenges in his or her life

I pray my cousin will always seek your kingdom first. I declare your supernatural grace over my cousin right now.

In Jesus’ Name, I pray. Amen

Prayer For My Cousin’s Birthday

Dear God. Is my cousin’s birthday today. I am happy for my cousins because you have added another year to his or her life.

This is a great blessing and we appreciate it.

Lord God, I pray you to fill my cousin with your joy on this great day. I pray all your purposes and plans for my cousin’s life will come to pass.

I asked that as we celebrate my cousin, he or she will remember there are people who love him or her. But above all, my cousin will experience your amazing love.

Lord, I pray her day will not end up in sorry. I take authority over any evil imagination assigned against my cousin.

I declare her blessed. Generation shall call her blessed. In Jesus’ Name, I pray. Ame

Prayer For My Cousin’s Protection

Abba Father. You are my light and salvation. Whom shall I fear?
Thank you for this bright day. I give You all the praise and thanks.

Lord, I pray your hand of protection over my cousin. Let your angels go before and protect him or her from any danger.

I pray that you protect him or her from a car accident.

Deliver him or her from gun violence. Every arrow of the enemy thrown against my cousin will not prosper.

I pray Psalm 91 KJV over my cousin.

Guide and order my cousins’ steps. I pray that no evil will come near her dwelling place.
I declare that my cousin is protected from strange sickness and disease.

In Jesus’ Name, I pray. Amen

Prayer For My Cousin In Hospital

Heavenly father, my cousin is in the hospital. I am a bit concerned. But I trust all will go well with my cousin.

I commit my cousin to you.  Lord, send your angels to bring healing to him or her in the hospital. You are a great physician. 

Your will is for your children to live in divine health, So I know my cousin will be healed of any sickness.

I pray for the doctors and nurses taking care of my cousin. Please give them the grace to show compassion for my cousin.

Lord, I pray my cousin will be discharged soon. To you belong all praise. In Jesus’ Name, I pray. Amen

Prayer For Cousin Having Surgery

Abba Father, your Name is greater than all names. My cousin is due for surgery. What a difficult moment in my cousin’s life!

You are the best surgeon in the whole world. I ask that you use the hands of the surgeons to carry out a successful surgery on my cousin

Lord, I bind the spirit of fear that will attempt to attack the mind of my cousin. Give my cousin the courage to face this surgery.

Lord I pray for the surgeons and the nurse carrying out this surgery, I pray that you grant them wisdom, patience, and strength as they perform the surgery.

Thank you, Lord, for a successful surgery. In Jesus’s Name, I pray. Amen

Prayer For Cousin With Cancer

Lord God, my cousin is going through a hard time with cancer. It has been difficult for the whole family. 

I bring my cousin before your throne of grace. You are the only one who knows what is going on in my cousin’s body.

I pray that you relieve my cousin from any pain he or she is experiencing. Lord, give my cousin the strength to carry on with his or her life.

Lord as my cousin prepares for chemotherapy, I pray you give him or her the confidence to know that all will be well.

I bind any spirit of anxiety that will try to attack his or her mind. Lord, I believe my cousin will be healed of this terrible cancer. 

Thank Lord. In Jesus’ Name, I pray. Amen 

Prayer For Cousin Going Through A  Difficult Time

Father, my cousin is going through a difficult time in his or her life right now. I know how it feels to go through a difficult time. 

I have gone through my own difficulties in the past. Sometimes you feel like life is not worth living. But through it all, you gave me the power to overcome.

Father, give my cousin the power to overcome all the difficulties he or she is facing.

Your word says in Romans 8:37,” Yet in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us”

Yes Lord, my cousin is coming out of all the difficulties, Thank you for the victories you have in store for my cousin.

To you belong power and honor. In Jesus’ Name. Amen

Prayers For Strength For My Cousin

Lord God, you are wonderful in all your ways. You have always been there for us when the going gets tough.

Lord God, stress can have a tolling effect on everyday life. I pray for my cousin that you give him or her strength in a moment of weakness.

I pray his or her strength will not fail. 

Your word says in Isaiah 40:31. “But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint”

This is my cousins’ portion in Jesus’ Name. Grant him the grace to always look up to you for strength.

In Jesus’ Name, I pray. Amen

Final Thoughts

Praying for your cousin shows how much you care for him or her. As Christians, the bible encourages us to pray for all men. That includes your cousin.

So if you want to pray for your cousin and don’t know where to start, these prayers for your cousin were written to guide you to pray about the specific need for your cousin.

Take time and pray these prayers over your cousin and expect a great transformation in your cousin’s life.

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