11 Powerful Prayers For Monday




11 Powerful Prayers For Monday

Monday is a special day in the week. It is the first working day of the week after a restful weekend. 

Mondays can also be a difficult day for some of us. So if you are looking for prayers for Monday to give you the courage and motivation to face it, you are in the right place.

Here are the 11 prayers for Monday you should prayerfully consider.

Say this prayer with meaning and purpose and you will see God come through for you this Monday.

Short Monday Morning Prayer

If you want a short Monday morning prayer then consider this one;

Father in Heaven, Monday is a special day for me. It is the first working day of the week. We entrust our going out and coming in into your hands this Monday. Thank you for watching over us on Saturday and Sunday.

Surround us with your love and supernatural protection. In Jesus’ Name. Amen

Prayer For Monday Morning

Let us Pray.

Father in Heaven, thank you for this beautiful Monday. Is a day you have made for us to enjoy your goodness and mercy. 

Father, we appreciate the fact that you gave us the gift of life to see this beautiful and awesome day.

We declare that your will be done in our life this Monday. We commit this day to your hands. Protect us from every arrow of the enemy and ask for your provisions in every aspect of our life this Monday.

To you the be the Glory and Honor forever. In Jesus’ Name, we have prayed. Amen

Monday Morning prayer For Family

Father God, thank you for our beautiful family. Thank you for making it possible for my family to see this beautiful Monday. We do not take this for granted at all. 

We appreciate the good things you have in store for this Monday.

As we go about our individual responsibility, give us the wisdom to execute them to your glory.

We pray that you help us to keep the bond of unity in this wonderful family of ours. Help us to love one another on this beautiful Monday and the rest of the days ahead.

We thank you for fo the fact you will dispatch your angels to be a shield around our house this beautiful Monday.

As our children go to school, watch over them with your strong arm. Give them wisdom and knowledge, especially in their academic work. Give them courage and boldness in the face of any opposition in school.

We give you all the praise and glory for what you have done for us this Monday. In Jesus’ Name, we have prayed. Amen.

Prayer For Monday Lunch Time

Father, it is Monday lunch time. So far, I have seen your goodness and your mercy. Thank you for helping me achieve some of my work goals.

I know you will continue to guide me for the rest of the day. I thank you for the wonderful people you brought my way this morning. I pray that you bless them and provide for them.

I commit the rest of the day into your hands. I rely on your strength to help steer me through it successfully to your glory.

Father, help me meet the rest of my work targets and be an example to my colleagues.

As i sit down to have my lunch bless my food and water. I receive nourishment and strength.  

Thank you, God. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen

Monday Evening Prayer

Father God, thank you that it is already evening. I am so glad that I saw your goodness during the morning and afternoon.

You have proved your faithfulness to me and for that reason, I say thank you.

You have helped me achieve all my work targets today. Despite a few challenges, you have seen me through it.

I commit the rest of the evening to you. Father, without you I can do anything. That is the reason I put my trust in you. 

Your word says no good thing will you hold from the upright.  So thank you for making my Monday evening a blessed one. In Jesus’ Name, I pray. Amen

Monday Prayer Before Bedtime

Hello God, thank you once again for seeing me through the day. It is bedtime Lord. A time to go to sleep and rejuvenate.

As I lay down to sleep, I ask you to send your angels to watch over me and my entire household. We asked for supernatural protection. 

I express my gratitude to you for keeping us from harm. I pray that you give me sound sleep throughout the night.

Monday Prayer For Myself

Dear God, you are my rock and my shield. You are the giver of life. I am glad you have given me the chance to see this beautiful Monday.

I am overwhelmed by your love and mercy. Help me do your will this day. Lead me in the path of righteousness for your namesake.

Cover me with your precious blood. Protect me from any attacks of the enemy. The Bible says the devil is walking about like a roaring lion seeking someone to destroy. ( 1 Peter 5:8)

Lord, help me in any endeavor I need to undertake this Monday. Bring destiny helpers my way.

I acknowledge your presence and appreciate your care for this day.

I once again commit this day into your hands. I walk in your favor and peace. 

Thank you, Father. In Jesus’ mighty name, I pray. Amen

Monday Morning Prayers For Friend

Lord God, thank you for the friends you have surrounded me with. I do appreciate their support for me. I ask this Monday morning, you bless and help them in all they set their hands to do.

I pray you to keep their spouses and children safe from evil.  I asked you to grant them peace and harmony in their relationship with others.

Father, I commit them into your hands this Monday morning. Provide for them and help them through any challenges. 

Let them feel they are loved and supported. In Jesus’ Name, I pray. Amen

Prayers For Monday Commuting To Work

God of gods. Your Kingdom rule over all. This Monday as I commute to work, I ask for your grace and mercy.

Let your angels go before me on my way to work. I commit my vehicle to your hands. Give me wisdom and direction as a journey to work.

I pray and ask you to cause your face to shine upon me. Give me favor in the sight of men. 

Help me to stay focused and remove any distractions in my way.  

God Protect me from reckless drivers on my route to work.

Thank you for your answered prayer. In Jesus’ Name, I have prayed. Amen

Monday Prayers For My Enemies

God, your word teaches us to love our enemies. On this basis, Lord I lift our enemies before you.

I asked that you bless them. Bless the work of their hands. Father, help us to show them love.

Through this God, they will know you love them. I also pray that when there is a need in their life, you use me to meet it.

Help us to see them through your eyes. This is because you love them. Your word says. you let the rain fall on the good and bad,

This I pray, in Jesus’ mighty name. Amen 

Monday Prayer For Those In Hospitals

Heavenly Father, I pray for anyone in the hospital this Monday. Father, many are experiencing pain and feeling like giving up.

I pray you come through for them and bring healing to their bodies.

I pray that you have mercy on those preparing to have surgery this morning. I pray for the doctors, and nurses that you give them wisdom and knowledge to handle these surgeries with care and accuracy.

Lord give hope to those who feel like giving up because they are bedbound. Let them know you are their healer.

In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen

Final Thoughts

A lot of people dread Mondays, after a long weekend.  It can be tough getting up on Monday morning to start your day.

Prayers for Monday have been prayerfully written to help you sail through the day.

If you are looking for prayers for Monday, then the above 11 prayers for Monday are for you.

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