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Prayers For Granddaughter

If you are looking for prayers for your granddaughter, you have come to the right place. I know how much a lot of us cherish our granddaughters and grandsons.

They are special gems. Aren’t they?

One thing you can contribute to their life is to pray for your granddaughter.

This is why this article focuses on praying for your granddaughter.

Take your time and pray these prayers over your granddaughter. Expect a great impact of these prayers on the life of your granddaughter.

Okay, enough of the rant. Let us Pray.

Short Prayer For My Granddaughter

God, what a wonderful gift my grandaughter (Name of granddaughter) is! I am glad you gave her to us. 

Lord, I want to thank you for her life at this moment. I bring her before you Lord, that you shower your blessings upon her. 

May your countenance shine upon. May she be a beacon of hope for her generation. Lord let her be an instrument in your hand to be used for your glory on this earth.

Lord, everywhere she goes, darkness will not overcome her. I pray your purposes and plans for her life shall come to pass.

This I pray in Jesus’s Name. Amen

Healing Prayer For My Granddaughter

God, you are not the author of sickness. When your son, Jesus was on this earth, He went about healing all who were sick.

Lord my granddaughter is not well. I feel her pain and I know you also feel her pain. Lord, I pray for your healing power  over her life right now,

I command that sickness to leave her and never to return again. To you be praised and thanksgiving.

Lord, you said anything I ask in your name I should believe I have received it. ( John 12:13-14 KJV)

Therefore I believed my granddaughter is healed.

In Jesus’s Name, I pray. Amen

Prayer For Granddaughter’s Birthday

Father,  time flies so quickly. My granddaughter is celebrating her birthday again. I cannot wait to see her and give her birthday wishes.

But in the meantime, I want to take this time to bring her before your throne of grace. Lord thank you so much for adding another year to her life here on earth.

It means a lot to us as a family for my granddaughter to celebrate her birthday. Father, I pray as she celebrates the day, let her be filled with happiness and joy.

Bless her with wisdom and help her to walk in the purposes you have ordained for her.

I pray Lord your hand of protection over her. Let no evil befall her. May goodness and mercy follow her wherever she goes.

Grant her grace to live for You and Your Kingdom.

In Jesus Name I Pray. Amen 

Prayer For My Granddaughter’s Academic Work

God, I desire to see my granddaughter excel in all her academic work. With you all things are possible.

I pray right now for her academic work. Wisdom and knowledge come from you.

Lord, give my granddaughter wisdom and knowledge to help her go through her academic work.

I declare you give her an excellent spirit. Let her be free from any form of laziness. 

Give her a retentive memory so everything she studies she will be able to remember.

Lord grant her success in all her examinations. I take authority over any spirit of fear that will try to attack her. 

In Jesus’ Name, I Pray. Amen

Prayer For My Granddaughter To Seek God every day

Hello God, your word teaches us to seek first the Kingdom of God. Sometimes, Lord, we don’t put you first in our life. 

Lord, I repent of this. If there is one thing I desire for my granddaughter is for her to seek first your kingdom and its righteousness.

Let not the busyness of life prevent her from seeking your kingdom first.

Grant her grace every day to seek after You. Let nothing be a distraction in her relationship with You.

I pray my granddaughter will learn to trust you more and more.

Thank you, Lord, that my granddaughter is growing in the knowledge of you. In Jesus’s precious Name, I Pray. Amen

Prayer For Protection over My Granddaughter

God, You a shield around the righteous.  I trust in your strong hands to bring about deliverance from our enemies.

I pray for my granddaughter, that you will protect her from any form attack of by the enemy.

I cover her with the blood of Jesus.

May her going out and coming in be blessed. I ask your angels to surround her continuously as she goes about her day.

No weapon formed against her shall not prosper. I blessed her with the blessing of Jehovah.

Thank you, Lord, for your protection over her life. In Jesus’ Name, I pray. Amen.

Prayer For The Future Husband Of Your Granddaughter

Lord, thank you for my granddaughter. I thank you for the life of her future husband. 

God, choosing a life partner is a major decision that can affect her for the rest of her life.

I desire the best for my granddaughter. So I take this time to pray for my granddaughter’s future husband.

I pray that you bring a godly man into her life. A husband who respects women and upholds godly virtues.

May her future husband show leadership and responsibility toward her.

God bless her future husband with wisdom and knowledge so he can handle any trials or difficulties that come their way.

Above all, a husband that fears and honors You.

In Jesus’ Name, I pray. Amen

Final  Thoughts

Granddaughters are special to many grandparents. If you are a grandmother or grandfather I encourage you to spend time praying for your granddaughter.

If you are looking for a prayer for your granddaughter, the prayer outline above is a great starting point.

Don’t rush through it for the sake of it. God hears our prayers from the depth of our hearts. So pray this prayer from your heart and expect God to do miracles in the life of your granddaughter.

I hope you have a wonderful relationship with your granddaughter. Do your best to always remember her in your prayers.

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