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Prayer for exams

Are you a student looking for prayers for exams? If that is the case, you are in the right place. Exams can bring a lot of fear, nervousness, and anxiety. 

A lot of students feel the same despite how well they have prepared for their exams.

we are here to help you overcome the anxiety, nervousness, and fear. This is the reason we have written the prayers for exams.

Take some time and pray before any exams.

Short Prayer For Exams

Father God. Great is your faithfulness towards me. Thank you for my upcoming exams.

Lord am depending on you for wisdom and guidance for these exams. I pray that you give me the strength to prepare for these exams.

I decree and declare that I will not be paralyzed by any fear. Lord let your presence go with into this exams.

I pray that you grant me success in these exams. All to your glory. In Jesus’ Name, I pray. Amen

Prayer For Good Health Before  Exams

Lord God, am grateful to you for watching over me. I am going to check my health status before this exam. 

Lord, if am sick I can’t write this exam. So I am going for a clean bill of health from my doctor before the exam.

Your will for me is to live in good health. Give me the wisdom to know when to take a break or rest. 

I take authority over any sickness or disease that will try to attack my body. I pray that every organ in my body functions to the glory of God.

Thank you, Lord, for good health before and after these exams. To you Lord be all praise and glory. In Jesus’ Name. I pray, Amen.

Prayer For Good Preparation Before Exams

My Lord, you are awesome. I can’t stop praising you. Thank you for the dawn of a new day. 

Is all by your mercy and grace.

Lord as I prepare feverishly for these exams, please give me strength. Help me to know which topics to focus on for my preparation.

Lord, I pray that you give me a sound mind. I take authority over any spirit of confusion that will try to attack my mind.

Lord God, I pray that I will take responsibility for the foods I eat before the exam. This is because  there is a nutrition slogan that says “You are what you eat”

So help me to make the right choice of foods during these exams.

Lord God give me good sleep every night that I go to bed. Let me not deprive myself of sleep because of these exams.

Thank you for helping me prepare physically and mentally. In Jesus’ Name pray. Ame

Prayer To Understand The questions  During The Exams

Father, you are great and might God. Who else can be compared to you? No one else Lord. Lord understanding the questions is important for my success in the exams.

God, give me the spirit of understanding. So I can interpret the questions and answer them accordingly.

Help me to read and follow all the instructions for this exam. I also need to answer the questions sufficiently so that I can gain the required marks. 

Lord with you all things all possible. I trust you for understanding in this exams.

In Jesus’ Name, I Pray. Amen

Prayer To Overcome Fear And Anxiety  For Upcoming Exams

Abba Father, You deserve my praise and thanks. I feel anxious and a bit fearful about the upcoming exams. 

But Lord your word says you have not given me the spirit of fear but of power, love, and sound mind. (2 Timothy 1:7 KJV)

I take authority over fear and anxiety. I break your power over my life in Jesus’ Name.

I am free from fear and anxiety.

You said in Proverbs 28:1., the righteous are bold as a lion. Therefore fear and anxiety have no place in my life. I am going into these exams full of hope and confidence in you.

I cast all my cares upon you,  for you care for me. To you Lord be glory and honor.

In Jesus’ mighty Name, I pray. Amen.

Prayer To Remember All The Things I Have studied

Jehovah God. My heart is full of appreciation for your love and kindness towards me. I don’t take your grace for granted.

Thanks for this upcoming exam. I have studied very hard the past few months in preparation for my exams.

But there is one thing on my mind right now. That I will recollect all that I have studied during the exam preparation.

Precious Holy Spirit, I depend on you. You promise to bring me into remembrance all that I have studied. (John 14:26 KJV)

You are my helper. Therefore am confident that you help me to recollect all the facts to answer the exam questions.

Lord “Some trust in chariots, and some in horses: but we will remember the name of the Lord our God.” ( Psalm 20:7)

Thank Father for answered prayer. In Jesus’ Name, I pray. Amen.

Prayer Against Temptation To Cheat In The  Exams

Daddy God, I am amazed at all the miracles you do.  Who can understand your ways?

You said in your word that your ways are higher than our ways and your thoughts higher than our thoughts.

Lord, exam malpractice can lead to a whole lot of problems for me. So I want to avoid any cheating in the upcoming exams.

Help me to avoid the temptation to cheat or break exam regulations in these exams.

I pray against bringing any foreign material or mobile phones into the examination room.

Lord give the grace to overcome this temptation. I  pray that my teachers will also follow the exam regulations set by the exams board.

Help me Lord to remain faithful to you during the exams. To you be all praise. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Prayer For Good Results in Exams

Dear Lord, thank you for this beautiful day. Is a joy to come into your presence. 

Lord, I commit these upcoming exams to you.

Lord, you said in your word the horse is prepared for the day of battle but victory comes from the Lord. ( Proverbs 21:31 KJV)

I have prepared well enough for these exams. I trust that you will grant me success in these exams. 

For I know you hold victory in store for me. Lord failure is not an option in this exam.

You are a God of miracles.

I lift my eyes to you Lord. Do not put me to shame. Glorify yourself in these exams. 

To you belong all power and might. In Jesus’ Name, I pray, Amen

Prayer Of Thanksgiving After The Exams

Most High God, I want to thank you for all your help during my exams. You have been with me during the preparation.

Your presence was with me in the examination room. You gave strength and courage to write the exams. You helped me recollect all that I learned.

All these are your doings. Lord, I take a cue from the ten lepers you healed on your way from  Galilee to Jesus.

So I return all my praise and thanksgiving to you.  You have been faithful to me. 

To you be the glory. In Jesus’ Name, I pray. Amen.

More Information on Prayers For exams

Here is a video to help you connect with God during your exams.

Final Thoughts

If you are writing any type of exam and you need prayers, you have come to the right place.

Writing an exam comes with a lot of anxieties and fears. However, you can calm your nerve down by employing the agency of prayer.

So we have written the prayers for exams to help you go through your exams with a sound mind and courage.  God bless and we wish you all the best in your exams.

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