7 Strong Prayers For Drug Addict Son




Prayers For Drug Addict Son

Are looking for prayers for your drug-addict son? Then you are in the right place. 

If you feel helpless and want to give up on your son, remember there is hope for you. 

With God, all things are possible if you believe and take the time to pray for your son.

So we wrote the prayers for your drug addict son for you to seek God’s divine intervention in the life of your son.

Let’s pray.

Short Prayer For Drug Addict Son

Father, thank you for the gift of children. Children are blessing from the Lord. But Lord my son’s addiction to drugs can’t attest to this statement. 

This is having an impact on the relationship between me and my son. Lord at times, he leaves home and returns after days. The situation is getting out of hand.

Lord God, I pray that you deliver him from the desire to use drugs. Lord be merciful to him and bring him back to his senses to know the consequences of drugs on his body and health.

By the precious blood of Jesus, I overcome the power of drug addiction holding him captive.

Lord help me to continue showing him love despite his predicament. I decree and declare that he is free from drug addiction.

To you Lord be all praise. In Jesus’s Name, I pray. Amen

Prayer For Freedom

God, with you we are more than conquerors. You created man in your image and likeness. Your will for us to live holy and please you in all things.

Lord you did not create us to be slaves to bad habits such as drug addiction. My son Lord is now a slave to the use of drugs. I am concerned.

I pray that my son will experience the freedom that is found in Christ Jesus. Today, the power of drug addiction is broken over his life.

He will have a change of heart, seek your kingdom and his righteousness. Thank you that you have forgiven him of his sins and restored him to you.

In Jesus’ Name, I pray. Amen.

Prayer For Emotional Healing

Great God of the Heavens. Who else can we compare you to? You stretched out your hand to divide the red sea for your people Israel when they got to the red sea. 

Lord, I pray that you heal my son of any emotional challenges he is facing right now. Lord let your Spirit fill his heart. 

Lord in you there is hope. My son feels hopeless. Lord filled his heart with hope.

I pray that any past hurts in his life be healed. Lord heal him of any past anger and resentment. Grant him Lord freedom from any anxiety or depression. 

Thank you for the total healing and restoration of my son. In Jesus’ Name. I pray. Amen.

Prayer For Inner Strength And Determination

Jehovah Jireh. You are my provider. I know my son can’t stop using drugs in his strength. Lord, I pray that you give him the inner strength to resist temptation or desire to use drugs.

Lord, without you my son is helpless. Give him the grace to have the determination to quit using drugs.

Lord he has tried many times in his strength to stop using drugs. But he has failed on so many occasions.

Holy Spirit, you are our strength and helper. Empower my son to be determined to quit the use of drugs.

Thank you, Lord, for granting him the power to overcome his drug addiction. In Jesus’ Name, I pray. Amen.

Prayer For Unconditional Love and Forgiveness

Dear God. Your lovingkindness towards me is renewed towards me every morning. What a privilege to come before you! I don’t take that for granted at all. 

Lord help me to love my son. I mean unconditional love. My son has made mistakes. We all make mistakes but you never withhold your love from us.

Your word says in Romans 5:8 KJV, “But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.”

Lord help me to extend your love and forgiveness to my son. I pray that everybody around him will have compassion and love towards him.

Thank you that my son is bursting with your love and forgiveness. In Jesus’ Name. I pray. Amen. 

Prayer For Open Doors To Rehabilitation

Great are you Lord. Greatly to be praised. Thank you for your grace and mercy towards me.  

Lord, I pray that you lead me to the right avenue for treatment options available for my son. 

Father, guide me to the right rehabilitation centers, support groups, and counselors. I pray that my son will open up and accept help.

Thank you, Lord, that my son has accepted help and has expressed interest in taking part in the recovery process

To you Lord be all praise and honor. In Jesus’ Name, I pray. Amen

Prayer For Celebration of Victories

Father. I’m grateful to be alive and to see this beautiful day you have made. I will rejoice and be glad in it. Thank you for my son’s journey to recovery from drugs.

Lord our trust is in you in every step of this journey. Lord, we will be careful to give you all glory for every victory my son achieves over the use of drugs.

Lord, I know his healing and recovery will take some time. But we know you are faithful. I can’t wait to have a victory celebration for him.

For your word says Philippians 1:6-7 KJV, “Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ.”

Lord thank you for helping my son to live a life free from drugs. To you be all praise and glory. In Jesus’ Name Amen.

Final Thoughts

To see your son impacted by the use of drugs can leave an emotional scar on you. But there is hope for you if you pray and allow God to intervene in your son’s life.

So use or alter prayers for a drug addict son to pray for your son’s area of need.

This is the time your son needs you to be there for him. I know how difficult it is when you are dealing with a son who is on drugs

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